Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mind over matter

So I've been thinking about this whole Mind or Heart thing because it's something I'm currently dealing with. And it seriously puzzled the hell out of me.
So basically people always told me to follow my heart and not to listen to anyone but myself because it's my very own happiness. Listening to your heart seems to be the right choice. Not giving up on people you love, and not letting them go. But what happens when those people are the ones who bring all the drama and sadness to your life? Do you still choose to stick around through the worse? You ask yourself the same question everyday, would you prefer to suffer while you're with them or feel miserable for not listening to your heart and being miserable without them?
Well let me tell you something, between someone you love and who doesn't treat you right, or someone who treats you like a princess and who doesn't own your heart, you would be stupid to choose either one of them.
You can't be with someone if you're still thinking about the previous one, and if you didn't get the closure you need. Trying to get over someone by dating another person is a pure waste of time. Eventually you're going to end up friend zoning the poor guy.
And when the person you love treats you like a piece of crap and makes you feel worthless, leaves you in a very uncivilized way and hangs you on for months , then waltzes back into your life and expects you to be fine and act like nothing ever happened, you're going to fucking act like nothing ever happened. And you're going to choose the path of the heart. But that's just wrong, because by giving them the chance to come back to your life you are giving them the opportunity of ruining your life again, specially when you realize they didn't change the second they talked to you. They will never ever change.
Months. Your words have come real, all those dark seconds minutes hours days you put me through. I tried giving chances until now, but in this very moment I can't reach out to meet your words, you are making it go. Your words did and are still going through my veins, but the difference now is that they're leaving as soon as they came. I won't feel a thing anymore.
Thank you for never saying what I thought I deserved to hear back then, Thank you for making me love myself without even doing a thing.
Unless you do something about it, I am choosing the mind, because being with someone who doesn't treat you right is not called love anymore, its called stupidity. And stupidity goes against all the principles I chose to stick to in my life.
Because its mind over matter. I don't mind, and you WON'T matter.

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