Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gaza, a fire burning within me.

So what has been happening few kilometers away from me really affected me in the past few days.
I already talked about the evil in people, and I've read about massacres, but this is the first time I feel concerned about one of them.
Palestine (and I insist on the name PALESTINE) ; where the holy lands of 3 religions exist. Unfortunately, a shattered people unified themselves and took over this lovely land and made it theirs. They took over the culture, destroyed the olive trees, expelled people out of their country for no relevant reason because they 'refused' to live with them, despite the fact that they were and still are the outcasts. Yes they live in a land bordered by Arab countries, and yes those 'arabs' did nothing to help their so called brothers.
They built one or two refugee camps and blamed every wrong thing in the country on them. And no for those who think that the Palestinians are the reason behind the Lebanese civil war, this is not true, retarded Lebanese people blamed them because they don't even have to courage and honesty to blame themselves for ruining their own country and destabilizing it.
So this people unified themselves and did everything to break the spirit of resistance and revolt in the heart of not only Palestinians but all of the Arabs. Palestine is now a suitcase with no owner.
Today, the attack on Gaza started again, killing dozens of innocent people. But this is nothing new, everyday people are being killed, from unborn children ripped out of pregnant women to the elders being kicked out of their homes and sometimes being beaten brutally for resisting to humiliation. Never ending widows, orphans and mother who lost their children. This is for Gaza. Not to talk about the humiliation people face at checkpoints in the "territories under Palestinian administration". Zionists consider themselves very generous for granting some cities to a traitor who is ruling over them right now and who is denying the right to return for millions around the world. Israelis are saying the Palestinians were born on a land that is no longer theirs, but they will cross their barriers, their checkpoints their damn apartheid walls and return to their homeland, THEY ARE RETURNING TO FALESTIN.
People in the Palestinian territories live in fear everyday. Some Zionists go and run over children just to have fun and nobody can tell them everyday. How would you feel if your child went out to get you something and he doesn't come back because some sick selfish insecure ran over him considering him his next demographic threat?
And let's talk about this whole accusing Hamas of sending children to throw rocks during Intifada, you tell them they send their children off to die but those are your copters, your F16s and THEIR skies. You accuse their children of being terrorists because they are throwing STONES on your TANKS.
But no, we won't let you do this anymore, or at least I wont. I won't stay silent when I see that people consider it okay for an illegal state to attack innocent people to "protect" the so called security of "their" country, and accuse people demanding their rights and their land back of being baby killers, of having babies that will be beard wearing, gun waving terrorists. At least their grandparents didn't run around like clowns with white capes and white hoods on their heads linshing black people. For the sake of God Israel stole their land and killed their children, isn't it a sufficient reason to resist, to fight?
Even though I'm not Palestinian I DESPISE everything related to israel. They always ask me why so much hatered? "Never hate anyone, hate is a very strong word" they always told me.
Do you remember 1948 when they killed their grandparents, killed them? When they expelled thousands of them? Do you remember when they took over their homes and what's left of their culture? When they ate oft their bread, drank of their water, slept on their beds? When they pulled out their olive trees? Yes their sacred olive trees? Do you remember when they pulled Roumiyeh out? Do you feel them screaming for justice, just to live between four walls again, and not sleeping between the massacres and the trees with nothing to protect them? Do you feel their fear of the cattle , their fear of sleeping and not waking up? How much those poor people will have to take anymore? Do you remember 1967? Do you remember when Haifa and Akka were still arab? You weren't born there, but they remember them. They live still in their souls. Do you see the broken heart of a woman who lost her son for the battle for the return? Do you remember how they stole the Aqsa? How they burnt the heart of the Aqsa? Do you remember how they prevented millions of pelrins from praying there? With a stupid, useless apartheid wall?
I protest against your memory, I protest. Because I had to remind you of every painful experience they went and are still going through to excuse a little, a very tiny part of my hatered towards them. I don't know why I'm talking to you. Maybe Palestine needs the good person you have in you deep inside. But I ask you, in honor of their land, their soil, their culture, their old houses, I ask you in honor of the martyrs, the fighters, the activists, in honor of Aqsa and Beit Lehem, in honor of the BLEEDING GAZA, to remember Gaza. Oh how I thought about where would be placed all the dead bodies. There is not enough space to fit the children and the thousands of dead Gazawis anymore. But the war, and only the war needs no space for graves, because its a grave itself. Schools, mosques, homes, women and children. All of them bombed with fire filled "with love" signed by their children. How pathetic. But I am proud of myself for remembering, and even though I'm not Palestinian, i feel inside of me a land heated by all my love for it.
Palestine, I consider you my home. And i want to apologize to you for all the stupidity and failure the arabs have gotten to. We couldn't save you. And we didn't free you.
But apologies don't bring back what you lost, and they don't heal all the knives planted in you. So accept my humble words, Palestine. As Mahmoud Darwish said; you deserve to live.

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