Sunday, November 11, 2012

Take a look around

What does it mean to judge someone? Is it to have an assumption about wether their actions are appropriate or not? Or is it to have an opinion about the personality of the person themself?
If we are talking about the first idea, if we have principles that censure the acts that the others might do and might sound wrong to us, we will end up judging people frequently. But I don't see anything wrong with "judging" that way. The idea that we have to let go of all the standards of morality in fear of feeling guilty for having negative opinion about others is something that i personally consider absolutely dumb and stupid even though people "pretend" to do so.
Some may say we have no right what so ever to judge someone because we are not better than them. True, nobody is perfect. And yes, we judge people because we are insecure, we want to boost our self confidence and most of all justify the wrong actions we do by convincing ourselves that what this person did was worse than anything we have ever done and therefore it was okay to do what we did.  So technically we are contradicting ourselves and distorting our so called "sense of morality" .
You are probably thinking "how can i set the standard for judging anything?". Well, actually what you decide to be right and wrong has a direct impact on you. Think about it, if you see someone doing something "wrong" what you think won't affect the other person. They won't even realize that you don't approve what they did. Unless you let them know. And it is usually by spreading rumors or turning people against them, that is when judging becomes wrong. So your judgment really only affects you.
Concerning the second idea, I believe that it is difficult to form a valid opinion about the personality of someone; you should know a person enough to justify the formation of your point of view (either a negative or a positive one) which is really difficult nowadays. Nothing and no one is real. You have the constant fear of being not good enough, and you are (or try to be) what you want others to like. That is what life is. Even friends fear being judged. When you care about someone you would want to have a good image in their eyes, so you spend a big part of your time analyzing what happens around you and you will always keep your guard up in fear of making any mistake that would make you lose their respect towards you. So you would find yourself anxious around others, and this might have serious consequences on you, you will "feed your fears and let them grow even more."
You cannot live without judging anyone, but you have to learn how to judge yourself as well so you could live in peace.
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so take a break and do the right choices even if it might jeopardize your life stability.s

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